Bits & Bäume Konferenz 2022 30.09.-02.10.2022 Nachhaltigkeit first, Digitalisierung second

Digitalisierung Zukunftsfähig gestallten


We collect our own articles and announcements for the organization itself and the environment.

Support the movement

Every organisation within the climate movement has its own site on the web, different requirements for existing systems or simply needs an IT specialist to present its content in an orderly and secure way. This is where we come in and have become a permanent contact for everyone who feels part of the FridaysForFuture movement!


Working together on web developments creates its own dynamic in terms of training and further education - the classic learning by doing and communication with each other can help everyone to make progress in their own further education phase.

However, there is also a great demand for digital further education opportunities for kids in schools, as there are too few specialists available. Digitalisation is the future of our children and dealing with it should be realised for you.


In IT, we live in a field of tension between drivers and finding solutions to the climate crisis. We can consume as much electricity with server farms as entire countries, but we can offer solution approaches for example with smart grids for the power supply. We want to investigate this area of tension together with our friendly friends and work out solutions.


Within the support of the ForFuture organizations, great ideas and solutions are always crystallized in discussions with other developers and contributors. The DevelopersForFuture start here and turn ideas into real projects that should be implemented in the form of applications.

We present some of the previously implemented pages listed and update them regularly. In order to be able to counter the climate crisis, to educate people or simply to point out the problems, further projects should be launched and implemented.

Since this results in expenses that can no longer only be covered in terms of leisure time, we must also point out the perspective of financial support. The basic idea here is transparent. Therefore we ask for your support via Open Collective.


It turned out that we have now implemented many projects to achieve our goals. Here you get a selection of our projects. For this purpose, we also want to enter projects from others here that make their own contribution to climate protection.