A project that means being a startup.



With the Tour de Planet we have now taken on a software project that we have probably never had in this dimension. Therefore I would like to show the staffing and the conditions of this project separately again.

Full speed ahead

You could call it that when you look at the start of the project. The Visions For Climate Summit started with a lot of motivation and it infected me immediately. But the size and the resulting tasks were not foreseeable a month ago. From a developer perspective, it's just a card with a few points. We have implemented this many times. The situation is similar for the general organization. Just start - full speed ahead. Of course, the idea is completely valid from the point of view of a start-up or something similar, but now the software as the product has become the focus. And that's exactly what we need support for now!

€ can also help

Somehow I also slipped into the role of a CTO here, only so far on a voluntary basis. Since this is a very interesting project, we should treat it this way and try to collect funds through a kind of crowdfunding. We have set up an “Tier” in our Collective from Open Collective. Here you will also find a detailed description of the project. So if you can't contribute anything technically or organizationally, you can help by financially supporting us here or by distributing this funding as broadly as possible.

What we need

Roughly speaking, we need developers for the frontend, backend and the operation of the infrastructure, but a classic product owner would also make sense here.

At the end of the frontend, of course, we want to outline all the participants in the tour on a map. Of course, we would prefer to have some kind of live tracking of the participants while the tour is running. For this purpose, the registration for the tour with the selection of points on a map should be relatively easy and native to use.

Login data must be processed, saved and processed in the backend. That we want to separate writing from reading. Data for the display in the map view are then quasi static and are constantly being rebuilt. The situation is similar with the CMS. The generated content can also be seen virtually statically here. That should make the frontend quick and easy to use.

For the sysadmin, the corresponding systems come on the table that all these ideas can be implemented. We already operate a Kubernetes cluster, which makes it easy to set up services. But backup and monitoring must also be set up for this. So lots of exciting things to do for a sysadmin.

Project - Kanban with scaling

Anyone who can handle Scrum or the scaling of it in their day-to-day project can also imagine where the entire project is currently moving. For reasons of coordination, we decided to set up a board (in Trello) with Kanban in various areas (website + IT, route planning, finance, ...). So that there are no coordination problems between the “teams”, we have now organized a meeting twice a week that is like a daily. Above all, we want to get an overview together, where do we stand overall, what has been done, what is being done and what is currently up to it. With this artifact and the rest of the mechanisms, I would now see this as a scalable Kanban. Again, coordination is required, but this will pay off in the end: we are organizing what is probably the world's largest climate change campaign.