Chaos goes Future

Exactly a year ago we met people from FridaysForFuture for the first time at what was then # 36c3. Because the chaos communication congress not only offers a platform for IT topics but also addresses many important social aspects. But what has happened politically since the last meeting?

  • A year with almost zero expansion in renewable energies
  • One year of unnecessary overexploitation of nature (Danni + Hambi)
  • A year of resistance that was steadily crushed by the state and the media
  • One year of the first tipping points.
Whoot? No Corona? YES!!!

Because this year we will meet digitally. The world of the rC3 opens your doors in a few minutes. And we can devote ourselves entirely to the actual crisis there. So just stay tuned here and we'll provide you with the latest information and summaries of the day.