Correction of the calculations

After my talk yesterday at the Rooftop Brains & BBQ I had to go over my calculations again. And yes, there was a mistake in the ten digits. In addition, there are now new factors for calculating the CO² consumption for one unit of electricity.

Evolution of factor to calculate CO2 per Energy unit.

Based on the factor, we can then take the consumption from it and calculate a value for the CO² Footprint for 2018.

Correct calculation

You can now see the numbers shown in the slides, or at least the numbers that should be shown. We now have a CO2 footprint of 26 million tonnes. This corresponds to 130000000000 km with a VW Golf 4.692 Mio. € if we had a CO2 tax of 180 € per ton.

Of course I would also offer the link to the slides with the corrected numbers here: Link