First Weekly Information

We know it when we work in agile teams, but how to do it in a non profit sofware team, who usually do their work at night and where you basically can't force anyone. It's about the so-called daily. Well, I would limit it to one weekly for the time being.

However, the weekly should have two pages. One that allows us to transport to the outside world what we have done, what we are currently doing and what we are going to do. All this should be based on an internal call, where we as developers exchanged exactly the same questions.

At the moment I would just like to set this tradition in motion. Therefore I will briefly present the current status (before current week) in the following. For the next time I would like to suggest a Doodle for the date finding. The goal should not be to exert control and pressure on free developers in any way. Rather, I would like to recognize where we stand at the moment, as well as the stakeholders. So it provides transparency.

What has been done last Weeks

Last week was of course marked by the global strike on 24 May. For the global map on I have to convert the data from national Excel/Google sheets into the format for the world map. This has become a small tool that Germany, France and the Netherlands can already convert. I gave the first presentation on our responsibility for climate change at the so-called "Rooftop Brains&Barbecue". Leo really put a lot of work into the "angel system" to get the app up and running for helper support.

What are you currently doing

At the moment we are working on the last bugs for the Supporter-App, which was developed from the so-called angel system. The One-Page for the registration on the ScientistsForFuture World-Campaign is almost finished, working and in the process of being created.

What are we going to do

Max (me) will be in Berlin next week for 3 lectures from Monday to Thursday. One of the lectures will be about the mobilization of colleagues. Therefore we should make sure that the two projects Supporters-App and the world campaign of the Scientists will be finished next week. And of course we want to hold our first weekly next week.

I you miss a point here, you can just have a look into our board. There you can find any project with its state.