WeVsClimateChange - Together into future


almost every strike we had the idea in our heads, now we want to realize it together with you. Together with all participants of the climate movement, we want to get together in an ideas congress and subsequent coding.

Therefore we need your support!

Digitalization is one of the biggest energy guzzlers in our society, along with traffic, the lighting of our industry and homes. It is estimated that just under 4% of energy production is used for digital products. A small number, right? But this corresponds to about 20% of our electricity production and these figures are increasing because our industry has not yet found a real measure to make the values really visible. As "Developers For Future", we are aware of this and are also trying to sensitize our colleagues to it.

Of course, we can quickly supply all the data centres in the world with clean electricity, but is that really enough? No, of course not. Rather, we have to look at the entire digitization process:

  • List of important points, more precisely than the following:
  • In the provision and consumption of digital products and in the production of hardware.

But it is precisely projected that support complete change that creates the urgently needed balance here.

At the global day of action on September 25, 2020, the energy turnaround will be a central theme. This is the turning point at which we can have the greatest negative but also the greatest positive impact as drivers of digitization.

Ideas Congress Digitalization

In the week leading up to the strike day, we want to develop apps, websites and other digital offerings that will be launched on Thursday, September 24, just before the global climate strike.


  • Visualizations on the topic
  • Developing motivations for the topic of energy system transformation
  • Develop solutions and provide suggestions for the implementation
  • Initiate longer-term projects


Here's how it starts

Submit your ideas, your suggestions or even already running projects that still need support.

With lectures, discussions with experts and above all in exchange with each other, we will find ideas on how we can create visibility for ourselves and the topic. Through a voting process, we will then set up projects together in teams of professional mentors, methodical mentors and developers and build prototypes. While congress can take place in one or two days, the actual implementation will then take almost a whole week.

This is where you come in

We see the project as an opportunity to show the size and above all the professional breadth of the movement. We are the not lonely nerds crouching alone in front of the monitor. Together we bring things forward! We need each of you.

  • from A for app group to W for web group
  • from A like ArtistsForFuture to V like VegansForFuture
  • from A like Adults to S like Scientists
What can you do?


What can you do?


  • Organization of the event itself
  • Creative people for marketing and social media
  • Texts and communication
  • Knowledge carriers, especially among Scientists and Engineers for Future
  • For expert lectures
  • For mentoring in the development


Who has the time and inclination to take part? For everything that concerns Orga, I have set up a telegram group: Link. For all ideas that already exist in advance thematically appropriate, the email support@developersforfuture.org is available. All others, especially also knowledge carriers, please contact me at info@developersforufuture.org.

Solution/Idea should

  • Pointing out, demonstrating or making problems tangible
  • Provide solutions or ideas
  • OpenSource and OpenData
  • Teamwork


  • have gamification factors
  • Visualizations contain

must not:

  • contain parts that are themselves harmful to the climate