One of three pillars - ways of support FridaysForFuture

Our kick off blog post, which outlines goals of DevsForFuture. To support Fridays for future - our efforts can be split into three pillars, where every effort is a step in the direction of a greener, less poluted future.

Motivation to start the organisation

Why is he doing this? Why did he start that organisation? Why does every part of our society starts implementing those supporting organisations?

First Hacking Session - The Supporters App

First hacking sessions to create a supporters app for the groups that organzie events, where they need many helping hands.

Code kills planet earth

Jan Henne
2019-04-05 | 14:00 CET | Code Talks eCommerce (Berlin)

What does it actually cost - an ecological price tag for software development?

Maximilian Berghoff
2019-06-05 | 11:45 CET | International PHP Conference (Berlin)

Development is for Future

Maximilian Berghoff
2019-05-23 | 18:00 CET | Rooftop Brains&BBQ (Munich)

Development is for Future

Maximilian Berghoff
2019-05-28 | (Munich)