First Hacking Session - The Supporters App

When my colleagues stay at the internal barcamp in Bayreuth, I want to use my slacktime to promote a project for a volunteer portal. I have already created some stories together with friends from Berlin.

As usual those stories are open to edit, we start implementing and will adjust, where we need it. But now we have to convert the stories into code and at least get the MVP (Minimal viable product) up and running.

I would like to use the next 3 days and offer a hacking session. That doesn't mean that I want to code 72 hours now. We will agree in the chat and if necessary also publicly, who is when there and works.

If you visit us in the chat, we will also set up a video or audio channel there. This will make it a little more comfortable. We will feed the post here with new information, if necessary. Just join us in the chat, that would be the easiest way. I can imagine that a few collegues from the Barcamp will join us.

Chat link: Mattermost Invite
Code: GitLab


Maximilian Berghoff

I work as a developer for the Mayflower GmbH in W├╝rzburg. As such, I develop highly professional PHP and javascript applications. I invest my free time in contributing to the Symfony CMF (Content Management Framework). Besides I am a dad of two lovely sons and enjoy reading and watching Game of Thrones.


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