Energy Consumption in Cloud Computing Data Centers

Calculates energy consumption in cloud data centers, done by three scientist, all of them not in twitter

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The Energy and Carbon Footprint of the Global ICT and E&M Sectors 2010–2015

Faktencheck: Ökobilanz von Suchmaschinen

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The Energy and Carbon Footprint of the Global ICT and E&M Sectors 2010–2015

German TV production. Also offers numbers for german energy consumption

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Sustainable Software Processes, Episode 2: Green Software Engineering with Agile Methods

Blog post about sustainable software development by agile methods.


AWS und Nachhaltigkeit

[German] Own advertising of AWS. Declaration of intent of Amazon to use 100% renewable. Must be confirmed.

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Meal calculation [german]

Evaluate the carbon footprint of your meal by simply drag and drop the parts.


Carbon Years

The amount of carbon to emit before reaching the tipping points


Train Travel

Buy bus or train tickets to ride across europe.


emissions per country for power

This map is awesome. It shows the currently mix of energy production per country around the world.

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This tools checks whether your domain run on green hosting or not.

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footprint cacluation - myclimate

Calculate the carbon footprint of your event or vacation.


footprint calculation - open source jupyter

Open source code to calculate the carbon footprint of your event or vacation.


AMEE the opne source models for carbon calc

climate change - the facts

Good article to read from the guardian.


carbon brief

What happens, when the temperature rises across 1.5 degrees? Have a look at the consequences.

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climate outreach

Helpful resources like visuals for climate crisis.

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German article, what the internet consumes like.

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sustainable web manesto

A first definition for a manifesto describing how to behave when writing sustainable code.

CoC  manifesto 


How to measure your organisations carbon footprint


climat history

A short history of climate crisis


php energy usage

Rasmus explains the power consumption differences between PHP 5 and 7.


IEA energy report

Digitization and energy consumption


a sankey report

This report shows the energy usage in the US.


aws new processor

New chip generation for AWS.