Status: Ready to use, but lots of ideas to continue


Have you ever asked yourself one of the following questions? Why should I do something about climate change if "everyone else" doesn't do anything? What can I do as an individual? It doesn't have a big impact anyway! Which measures have which climate impact? What should I start with and what has the greatest influence? Imagine now that there is the possibility to persuade a large number of people to implement small climate protection measures together with one simple action - voluntarily, but bindingly! What would be the total impact? This is the “FriendsClimatePact”! Are you interested?

What is the purpose of the project?

One thing is clear: We need political framework conditions for a change to a climate-neutral society and for the achievement of the Paris climate goals. But we also have to discuss more about the climate crisis with friends and family outside the green bubble! No #climatesilence anymore!!! This is exactly the goal of the FriendsClimatePact! It acts as a tool, so to speak, to get to know friends and family members about climate change and gives ideas for joint climate protection measures. The highlight? The social environment has a serious influence on one's own behavior - this is always underestimated! With the FriendsClimatePact, you promise each other to keep small climate protection measures for 1 year (or longer) - from friend to friend. The measures can be 

registered (anonymously, of course) on the homepage - this will make the impact of this campaign visible to everyone!

What are the goals of the project, who is gona use it?

Overcoming “climate silence” by discussing climate change and taking common measures in one's own social environment.

What are the contributors to the project?