Tour de Planet




Initially, the bike tour to COP2020 in Glasgow still had the project name “Tour de Rebel”. But after a few iterations, the “Tour de Planet” was finally agreed upon. Now it's time to plan and implement the new project. Technical support is provided as part of the Developers For Future. A CMS is first of all necessary for the internet presence of the tour. We want to provide a registration that allows all cyclists to get on and off at certain points on the tour. That data should then be visualized on a large map.

What is the project about?

Of course, such a project is primarily about a form of visibility. If, for example, thousands of cyclists meet on a main route on the way to the COP2020, this naturally gives an impressive picture live on site. But we also want to be able to visualize this online.

Precautions must also be taken for this tour in the form of information about the complete tour and sections. That we need a simple but scalable CMS here, for example to store individual campaigns from Friday For Future local groups or other local events. Group organizers should also have the opportunity to provide their specific information here.

What are the goals and who is the target group?

As part of the preparation, we held a so-called story mapping workshop, where we initially took care of the so-called personas. Here it turned out that there will be very different user groups for the page.

A distinction must even be made between cyclists. Both the professional cyclist who wants to upload his self-planned GPX tour, the family who will ride a small section, and the older generation, who may want to print out the map.

In addition, there are organizers for sections and events along the route, the press, who value the information and not to forget, the users of the page who may not be able to cycle themselves, but would like to follow this online from home.

Who is behind the project?

The project is based on a loose alliance of Fridays, Parents, Scientists and free activists. We as developers are there to advise and will provide or set up the infrastructure for the online presence.

For the extensive implementation of the project, we have set up a transparent donation area via 


. We hope to be able to support the Tour de Planet with your support of the IT project.